25 06, 2018



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13 09, 2016

Dr. Salem Samra Recently Published in Hand Surgery Journal


Dr. Salem Samra was recently published in the October 2016 edition of the Journal of Hand Surgery (Asian-Pacific Volume). The study involves children born with extra fingers (polydactyly) and how best to treat them. Dr. Samra designed the study and is the first author on the paper. "Having a child born with this deformity can be a very traumatic experience for parents and there has not been a clear consensus [...]

Dr. Salem Samra Recently Published in Hand Surgery Journal2021-04-21T10:09:37-04:00
16 07, 2015

Car Seat Law Updated in New Jersey


An important family safety to be aware of as New Jersey's car seat law gets an updated. Learn the details of the new regulations and what they mean for your family.

Car Seat Law Updated in New Jersey2021-04-21T10:09:37-04:00
9 04, 2015

Know your Allergy Medicines


There are a few different types of medicines that help cure allergies. Some are over-the-counter while others require a prescription. He's a quick run down on allergy medicines.

Know your Allergy Medicines2021-04-21T10:09:37-04:00
9 04, 2015

Tips for Allergy Season


We're moving into allergy season so this list of tips will be useful. These are ways to try and narrow down exactly what is bothering your child. Is it pollen or mold? Could it be dust mites? Here's our tips to avoiding unwanted allergies.

Tips for Allergy Season2021-04-21T10:09:37-04:00
9 04, 2015

Allergies and Asthma


Allergies and asthma commonly start during childhood. Although we cannot necessarily cure them, we do have ways to keep them under control. Here's some information about allergies and asthma that will be helpful for you and your child.

Allergies and Asthma2021-04-21T10:09:37-04:00
31 03, 2015

Don’t Use Household Spoons for Liquid Medicine


Each year thousands of children go to the emergency room for accidental medicine overdoses due to the use of the wrong measuring device. You should always use a syringe or the cup that comes with the medicine. Here are some other tips about administering your child's medicine safely.

Don’t Use Household Spoons for Liquid Medicine2021-04-21T10:09:37-04:00
31 03, 2015

Learn the Early Signs of Autism


It's very important for a parent to recognize early signs of autism in a child, allowing them to seek early intervention services that improve learning, communication and social skills. Take a minute to familiarize yourself with these signs.

Learn the Early Signs of Autism2021-04-21T10:09:37-04:00
24 03, 2015

Bullying 101


Bullying is a problem that children are faced with everyday. Whether your child is being bullied, or is the bully, here are some good points to talk about with them.

Bullying 1012021-04-21T10:09:37-04:00

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